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For Sale

IceHNZ members may advertise horses or items for sale free of charge.

To advertise your horse, follow these 3 simple steps below:

  1. Download the supplied template (Word 505KB or pdf 16KB), which will assist you to collect all necessary information. You can use the word template to add the info right into the file or you can use the pdf to print and hand-write the details. Alternatively, you can also create your own sales ad, guided by the required information in the template. Please send this to us as a Word document (.doc or .docx). 

  2. Source a selection of interesting photos of your horse, and/or include a link to a video.

  3. Email your completed template (if handwritten, please scan) and all relevant photos (.jpg files preferred) to Since the photos will be uploaded online, they do not need to be high resolution, but still need to be of good and sharp quality.

Your details will be added to the 'For Sale' section on our website and you will also have the option of your horse being advertised in Australia - we have a joint agreement with the equivalent Icelandic Horse Association Australia (IHAA).

  • Please double-check your details thoroughly before sending it in, IceHNZ takes no responsibility for incorrect details.

  • IceHNZ will not liaise in any sales procedures, potential buyers have to contact the vendor through the contact details supplied in the sales post.

  • Avoid adding a sales price to your advertisement as IceHNZ's mission is to advertise the beautiful and versatile nature of the Icelandic Horse and not to compete with other horse sales channels. Pricing can be discussed on first contact.

  • Please inform us once the horse is sold, so that we can disable your post. If you have any feedback from the new owners (photos, videos) feel free to share that information with us, so we can do a follow-up post.

For Sale

Blíður from Swiwifarm

2.5-year-old pinto gelding

DOB: 31.10.2020
WF re
gistration number: NZ2020101008

Dam: Desiloa from Lukka (NZ2006202007)
Sire: Prins Valiant frá Þúfu í Kjós (IS2011125435)

Blíður is currently measuring 13.3h. 

He has double genes (AA) for gaits and shows plenty of toelt in the paddock.

He loads, floats, leads and ties great. He stands well for the farrier and can be wormed with no problems.

Blíður has been born and bred by us, has grown up in a mixed age (and breed) herd and is used to standing with geldings, colts and mares alike. 

Blíður is calm and trusts his handler but he is not bold or pushy. He likes to get to know you first.

At 2.5 years old, Blíður has all basic handling established but is still a baby at heart. He will need time to fully mature and grow before he can be ridden. 

Blíður's mum is our family horse and has passed her gentle and 'wanting to please' nature onto all her offspring. 

Blíður is standing in Oxford. We are happy to facilitate transport for him to get to his new family.

Please contact Franziska for more information.


+64 21 02368861


Luccia from Camlee Icelandic Horses

Stunning mare looking for a new home

DOB: 20-12-2012

WF registration number: AU2012203041

Dam:    Hrafntinna from Vindholar Southern Icelandics (NZ2006201025)

Sire:      Haukur frá Stuðlum (IS2002187105)


Luccia is a super fun riding horse with lots of charisma, four elegant gaits and captivating looks. She is very experienced and has had lots of gaited horse training, lateral work up to haunches in, hacking, working equitation, liberty and more. Because of her good pedigree she is also interesting as a broodmare and has had one foal who has become a fantastic riding horse. Luccia has a nice amount of forward but is always easy to regulate. She is one of the cleverest horses I have ever worked with and a super quick learner. She picks up on anxiety in people easily so if you are not a confident rider/leader she is not your match. Easy peasy for a good rider though.
Watch this video to have a little insight on how versatile Luccia is. 

Higher price range, with several options available like purchasing with her gear or a service of the awesome Prins Valiant who lives here in Christchurch only two paddocks further.


If you are interested, please call Monika on 027 534 04 42.

Luccia for sale (2).jpg

Hannah from Cliffhaven

12-year-old broodmare

DOB: 21-12-2011

WF reg number: NZ2011201014


Dam: Lukka from Vindholar (NZ2007201038)

Sire: Gneisti von Roetgen (DE2004143189)


Hannah is a 12.2 hh registered Icelandic mare, 12 years old. Due to ongoing soundness issues we are re-advertising Hannah as a broodmare. When ridden she is very free and sound at the walk but shows shortness at faster paces.
Hannah has a lovely nature, likes people, good to worm, shoe, float. She does need to be fenced behind a 3 wire electric fence.

Hannah is located in Geraldine, Canterbury, NZ

For more info, please contact Jenny Perano

ph: 027 4375048


Hannah 2_edited.jpg
Hannah 4.jpg

Miska from Sunrise Farm

2.5-year-old flaxen chestnut filly

DOB: 18-11-2020

WF reg number: NZ2020201005

Dam: Brunka from Vindholar Southern Icelandics (NZ2006201027)

Sire: Prins Valiant frá Þúfu í Kjós (IS2011125435)

Miska is five-gaited, friendly and curious. She has grown up in a mixed herd in age and breed.

Miska lives in the Top of the South near Nelson.

For more information, please phone Amanda Olley on 0273566770 or email 

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