There have been Icelandic horses in New Zealand since the mid-1990s and today there are around 170 Icelandic horses in the country, with numbers slowly but steadily growing. On a yearly base about 6-10 foals are born and occasionally horses are imported from Europe or Australia.

Our association


The main objectives of IceHNZ are to promote the Icelandic horse, ensure the continued purity of the breed in New Zealand and keep an updated Studbook in accordance with FEIF’s regulations and the laws in New Zealand.

IceHNZ is an Associate member of the FEIF (Federation of Icelandic Horse Associations, www.feif.org).

Member benefits


Anyone can become a member of IceHNZ, whether you own one or more Icelandic horses or are simply interested in the breed. Being a member of IceHNZ offers you the following great benefits:


  • Discounts on clinics, trail rides and other events organised by IceHNZ in various parts of the country

  • Discounts on registration fees, change of ownership fees, and breeding assessments

  • Support and training from experienced Icelandic horse trainers and breeders (either via Internet or face to face)

  • A quarterly newsletter full of information on events in and outside of New Zealand, member stories, photos, interesting articles regarding the Icelandic horse, and free advertising (IceHNZ members only, conditions apply)

  • Free access to the World Fengur website, which is the worldwide database of all registered Icelandic horses. here you can find individual horse pedigree, offspring, assessments, breeders, owners, BLUP, colours, virtual mating and more.

  • The opportunity to get in touch with other Icelandic horse owners and enthusiasts


If you are interested in becoming a member, please contact us on secretary.icehnz@gmail.com

By becoming a member of IceHNZ, you will commit to abide by the rules, principles, policies and regulations as set out in the IceHNZ Constitutions and Rules (click here), and the IceHNZ Studbook Rules (click here.)

IceHNZ Fees for 2019/20

Membership - Single


Membership - Family (max. 2 adults and up to 3 children (18 years or younger) living at the same address)



DNA testing/registration

$110 for members / $130 for non-members

Additional foals $90 for members / $110 for non-members

Change of ownership


Stallion certificate

Advertising on the IceHNZ website

Advertising in the IceHNZ newsletter

$10 for members / $15 for non-members

$85-100 (subject to exchange rate)


1 x advertisement free for members / $25 for additional advertisements or for non-members

1/4 page advertisement free for members / $10 for additional advertisements or for non-members

Each member is able to receive a $15 discount per year to attend a clinic/workshop.  Discounts are redeemable by contacting the treasurer (treasurer.icehnz@gmail.com)